Small To Medium Size

Weight Limit: <= 20 kg

By selecting this, you are going to book a stay for a Medium sized dog, or for maximum of 3 dogs from the same family, among which the largest sized member is less than 20 kg.

Paws Wonderland’s responsible and experienced staff will choose the room type that best suits a dog’s needs based on its size, requirment of activity level, and how they get along with their boarding neighbours. They may be moved to try different rooms during their stay, therefore, worming treatment and vaccination must be up to date for all to have a safe stay.

Climate controls are in place for Indoor Rooms of different sizes, ensuring a comfortable stay for all our guests.

Large outdoor open-air cubicles provides private relaxation area for each dog or dogs from the same family.

For dogs that require special cares, we have Villas with full access to a private play yard at all time.

Spacious Family Suite can accomodate dogs of all sizes from the same family to stay together and having full access to a private play yard.

While individual play time are organised for dogs that like to wander alone, Group Activity time is arranged once to twice a day under our staff supervisions. We will assess each individual dog’s socialbility before letting it to get in contact with other dogs , also the owner’s approval must be provided for a dog to join the group play time.

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Primary Dog <= 20 kg
Additional Dogs:
Small Dog < 10 kg
Medium Dog 11 - 20 kg
Large Dog 21 - 30 kg
X Large Dog > 30 kg
Extra services
Dental Stick $5 / per dog per night
Total price
$ 55